Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Why this blog had to be....

Once upon a time in a kingdom far far away princess Kristina announced she would study English and Italian. The King was shocked, the Queen almost fainted. Why? Because in this kingdom everyone studied engineering or economics, why would princess Kristina study languages and what's more, literature!!! The young Prince was at the time attending high school - mathematics oriented, naturally, and wanted to study computer science, which was the only natural and logical choice. Princess Kristina, on the other hand had, just finished high school, general program, because the King wouldn't let her choose a languages oriented one, and had to "choose" a faculty to study at. The entire population of the kingdom, led by the King and the Queen tried to persuade princess Kristina to give up her silly fantasies and study economics, but she wouldn't even think about it, so they eventually gave up. Princess Kristina really enjoyed the four uni years (it was the old system, now they have a new system 3+2 years, and in accordance with the Bologna declaration - Magna Carta Univeristatum). These four years really flew by, so she decided to hang around for two more years (this was perfectly legitimate since the old system included very big and difficult exams so the students had 2 additional years to take and pass all the exams and write their diploma paper). As you can guess these two years are about to come to their end so princess Kristina has to write her diploma paper, and that's why she had to start this blog.

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